Rapid Renewal Series

Personalized Health Session with Christene
  •  Listen to an audio overview of the Big Lie we’re following, and the Big Solution that can change your health for good! Audio 9 minutes
  • Watch The Healing Clinical Depression with Integrative Medicine video. 35 minutes
  • Use The Healing Chronic Disease Checklist for your personal health and healing
  • Explore the audio Q&A with Christene on common questions asked about chronic disease symptoms and Integrative Medicine. Audio 30 minutes
  • Talk with Christene for a 90-minute Rapid Renewal Session, where we’ll dive into your symptoms and apply the Heal Any Body Formula. We will zero in on the next most effective thing you can do to begin feeling better in the shortest amount of time.
Ready to Heal!


3 months, Private Intensive Coaching
$/Contact Christene
  • 30-45 minute weekly calls for 1st month; 30 minute calls twice a month for 2nd and 3rd months
  • Quick answers via email weekly, as needed
  • Text availability almost 24 hours/ 7 days a week for 1st month
  • Includes discussion and exploration of an appropriate practitioner if needed.
  • Partial payment of 1st visit to a suggested practitioner, if needed.