Projects in Development

My goal is to help people use Integrative, Alternative and Holistic Medicine for health and healing. Here are my latest projects in development:

Online Membership Service, with cost-effective access to Integrative Medicine information and education as well as exclusive discounts on coaching and services

TV Show, introducing the concept of Vitalism and changing the model of healthcare through interviews and discussions with local and regional Integrative Medicine innovators, professionals and healers

Update this month: The first show as been filmed. Next is post-production, including editing. I can’t wait to show it to you!









Writing & Publishing a book about how I kept my own daughter healthy and thriving using natural and holistic medicine, titled: “Secrets to Raising a Ridiculously Well Child“. It’s in the editor’s hands now, with an expected first quarter 2017 release date.



Let me know via email when the following project is ready:

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