Healing Chronic Pain, Fatigue & Depression Naturally Community Guidelines

The Healing Chronic Pain, Fatigue & Depression Naturally Community is for those who are done managing their chronic issues and are actively looking for real solutions to heal their health issues. I healed my postpartum depression, fatigue and pain using natural/holistic medicine, studied holistic medicine for an advanced degree, wrote my thesis on healing depression using natural medicine and now help people heal their chronic health issues using the same natural medicine I did.

Be sure to read ALL of the guidelines before signing up. Posts that do not follow the guidelines are deleted, so if you post something and it disappears, then you need to re-read the guidelines.

Here is the list of daily topics to help you think of things to post. You may post directly to the wall any time, just stay on the daily topic.

Monday: Root Cause Applause. I’ll post an article, research or opinion and we’ll dig into the root cause of the health issue. If you don’t know the root cause, you can’t heal it. Post and discuss agreements or opposing views and we’ll discuss. The goal is education, understanding and hope for healing.

Tuesday: Drained & In Pain. Post about your Depression and Pain today, how it makes you feel, what you’re doing to fix it. Memes, quotes, anything just stay on topic and with the focus that your health issues can change and be genuinely (biologically, physically and energetically) healed.

Wednesday: WOO Wednesday. One whole day of woo-woo. From tarot cards, Law of Attraction, Buddhist quotes, almost anything goes, including some Quantum Physics for scientific evidence!

Thursday: Chop & Slop. What do you do for exercise and activity that helps you? What are you eating right now that tastes awesome? How does food or exercise help you to feel better?

Friday: Forty Winks Friday. Let’s talk Sleep, Exhaustion and Fatigue. How does sleep help you, how does it hinder you (the lack of?), what does fatigue feel like and what are you trying to fix it?

Saturday: Organic Rage! Light-hearted fun-making of ourselves, our lives, snarky, cynical or silly, just in good fun.

Gratitude Sunday: What are you grateful for today. What is joyful today? What makes you smile right now?

How to get blocked from this Community:

  • Block the admin
  • Repost/specifically reference someone from this group on/in another group. You don’t have to agree, you may let it go or you may leave. This group is not for everyone.
  • Be deliberately mean, demeaning, belittling to anyone in this group. This group is for support in finding solutions to chronic health issues.
  • Spam anyone. PM or friend someone w/out their permission first.

This group is NOT for you if you:

  • believe chronic health issues cannot be healed. There are wonderful support groups for that.
  • don’t believe in natural/holistic/Integrative Medicine. There are other groups for that as well.
  • are looking for how chemical pharmaceuticals work alone or in conjunction with others. While you may be on meds while in this group, the focus is on removing the symptoms so your doctor can determine a change, reduction or elimination of meds. There are groups and your doctor to discuss meds with.
  • intend to spam/sell MLM products and services to the members. There is No Promo Posting in this group.


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