Diabetes and the Health Law

Diabetes is a chronic disease. We’re told to treat it with regular glucose/blood tests, injections of insulin and to eat a low-fat, high carb diet with a lot of whole grains. We need to have regularly scheduled appointments with our doctors (usually an endocrinologist but sometimes a primary care doctor), exercise and to keep our weight in check.

And if you don’t do this, your insurance company will contact you and help you, so you’ll always have someone looking over your shoulder. From a financial point of view, it’s wise for the insurance company to help you manage your disease, since this costs them only about $5,000 a year, whereas, if you don’t manage it and as a result suffer complications, your insurance will pay closer to $100,000 a year.

One of my clients started working with me, he had diabetes. His blood sugar was all over the place, his weight was high, as was his blood pressure and cholesterol levels. We started working together and here’s what I promised him: 30 days of my program, let’s see how he responds. If after 30 days, we’re not getting a positive response, then my program won’t work for him. If after 30 days, he’s responding positively, then let’s continue the program and adjust for time, signs and symptoms that are uncovered during the implementation of my program.

He claims he started feeling better at 11 days*

*Results were not expected and I’d like to say not typical (though wow, it keeps happening, so maybe they are more typical than even I can predict!)

After a few months, he returned to his doctor, where his blood pressure and cholesterol levels were back to normal and his blood sugar was steady and in the normal range. Weight was falling off of him. I keep up with my clients, interrogating them for habits that may derail their results. He answered No! to the following questions:
Are you restricting calories?
Are you watching portion sizes?
Do you feel deprived?
Are you counting fat grams or carbohydrates?

And finally, will your health insurance be calling you to hound you about your diabetes? To which he responded: What diabetes?

If you’re ready to lose your symptoms of diabetes and more, it’s time to give me a call.


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