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I help you and your family navigate the world of holistic and non-traditional medicine (Integrative Medicine) for full health recovery of body, mind and spirit. I do this virtually via phone, Skype/FaceTime, email, online webinars and videos so I can work with you from anywhere in the United States.

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You need a plan. You need to know where to start, because when you do things out of order, you just waste time, you won’t get results and you’ll have to go back. And for some, “going back” means “in two years when you attempt it again”.

You need to Heal, and it only takes 5 simple steps:

Step 1: The Healing Ceiling. If you believe that what you’ve done so far: feeling daily pain and discomfort, feeling tired and worn out, is all there is to life, you will remain sick. Change your beliefs and you change the health of your body.

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have the capacity at the beginning.” -Mahatma Ghandi

You’ll experience:

  • Freedom to make choices
  • Hope
  • Encouragement
  • Personal Strength to heal

Step 2: The Pollution Solution. All chronic illness lives in a diseased bodily environment. By changing the environment, we chase away recurring health issues.

You’ll experience improvement in:

  • Blood pressure readings
  • Cholesterol Levels
  • Blood sugar highs and lows: they’ll even out
  • More consistent energy
  • Weight loss
  • Fewer painful and uncomfortable symptoms

Step 3: Tour de Reinforce. Your whole body needs to be efficient and effective. If it were a car engine, we’d be changing out the oil, flushing the engine, replacing the spark plugs and installing a new air filter. By doing so, everything good that goes into your body is used well (efficiently and effectively), creating a healthy body, mind and spirit.

You’ll experience improvement in:

  • Clearer skin (rashes and other skin issues will begin to go away)
  • Fewer food allergies (or complete elimination)
  • Treatments you’re currently on will begin to work better
  • Your diabetes symptoms will lessen
  • Better sleep (falling asleep easier, staying asleep longer, waking refreshed more often)
  • Spending less time in the bathroom (less constipation, diarrhea, stinky gas)
  • Less overall pain (joints, arthritis, muscle aches, headaches, migraines)
  • Weight loss will continue, easily

Now you’ll have personal experience of how well your body works when the environment is healthy and it works efficiently and effectively.

Step 4: The CAM Snack Bar. You’ll learn the science behind the ancient health theories you just experienced, and how a completely different health model is needed if you’re to stay out of the doctors office, not take pills and yet feel healthy, alive, energetic and happy.

You’ll experience improvement in:

  • Life satisfaction
  • Age (You’ll feel younger)
  • Consistent energy
  • Confidence that you know what kind of care you need when you need it next
  • How to determine personal health choices when you read newspaper and magazine headlines
  • The feeling of Freedom, knowing you know how to keep yourself healthy and to harness your own inner healing

Step 5: Heal-abration. You’ll learn that when you feel better, you can be the best You. You’ll have the knowledge and know-how to care for yourself and you will share yourself generously with those you love and care for. That in turn, heals them. So by healing your body, you can heal any body.

The Heal Any Body live workshop is one full day of tools, strategies and insights you need to transform your health so you can feel better, stop relying on pills and potions, feel happy and young again and in control of your health so you can live the vibrant, adventurous, curious life you want.

The day will look like:

Module 1: the Healing Ceiling.

Module 2. The Pollution Solution

 Module 3. The Tour de ReInforce

Module 4. The CAM Snack Bar

Module 5. Healabration!

The workshop will include:

Lunch*: We’ll share a catered lunch that is health promoting, extremely tasty (your host is a foodie so she’ll offer nothing less!) and energy promoting and enjoy it with Christene leading (you’ll see, it’s so much fun!). We’ll also have water and light snacks available for breaks.

Healing Makeovers*: Any attendee can ‘apply’ for a Healing Makeover with Christene during the workshop. Christene will bring TWO attendees to the front of the room and ‘makeover their health’ with real suggestions for what isn’t working, how to bring back health and any specific Integrative Medicine modalities to explore. It’s the lightening-fast version of a VIP Day. More information on how to apply is provided to attendees.

Q&A: You’ll have a few, others will have some more. We’ve reserved the time for it! Ask away!

What to Bring: A pen, a notebook, some water/your beverage of choice and a willingness to heal. Please do not bring a recording device.

What to wear: Comfortable clothing, we’ll be sitting at tables, but moving around the room too.

 *Not included in the VIP Day or Private Coaching
The Rapid Renewal Program is a 90-minute personal phone call with me where we map out your next best step to healing your chronic health issue. It includes two short introductory audio programs and a Healing Depression webinar. You need a plan. You need to know where to start, because when you do things out of order, you just waste time, you’ll still feel sick and you’ll have to start again. And for some, “again” means “in two years when you attempt it again”. You need to Heal, and it only takes 5 simple steps. The Rapid Renewal Program is a one-to-one meeting (remote: phone, Skype, Facetime, etc.) where we identify the causes of your symptoms and how to correct the next most important step of the 5 Heal Your Body steps. You’ll know exactly what is causing your sick feelings and how to begin feeling better.

Coaching & Support Through the 5 Step Heal Any Body Program

iHeal At Home: Implement at your own pace, with private coaching calls (BEST VALUE)

  • 30-45 minute recorded calls available every month on what, why and how-to do the 5 steps of the Heal Any Body program
  • 30-minute private coaching and education calls with Christene
  • Private online discussion forum for questions, support and sharing of ideas
  • Bonuses: Hot Topics, Live Q&A’s, special invitations to live events and more!

Private Coaching, 3 months: REGENERATE

  • 30-45 minute weekly calls for 1st month; 30 minute calls twice a month for 2nd and 3rd months
  • Quick answers via email weekly, as needed
  • Text availability almost 24 hours/ 7 days a week for 1st month
  • Includes discussion and exploration of an appropriate practitioner if needed.
  • Partial payment of 1st visit to a suggested practitioner, if needed.

These Hot Topics have been requested by previous clients, are in the headlines today and make a huge difference in your health. They perfectly complement the Heal Any Body Program and gives us almost an hour on each topic to explore the science, theories and practices so you can make the best, informed decision for you and your family. They are available in the Energize Coaching & Support Program.

  • Vitamins, Minerals: Pills, Food or Unnecessary?
  • Diets, BioChemical Individuality, Weight Management
  • GMO & Organic Food: Safe, Required, or a Waste of Money?
  • Intro to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
  • Intro to Naturopathic Medicine/Functional Medicine
  • Limiting Chemical Exposure: Food, Personal Care, Household, Children
  • Making Exercise Work for You
  • Tired & Fatigued: How Integrative Medicine can help
  • Cancer and Integrative Medicine: Prevention, Treatment and Support
  • Bad Medicine: Consequences of Rx & OTC Medicines
  • Headaches and Migraines: How Integrative Medicine can help
  • Childhood Vaccines & Chronic Disease: a look at the myths & science
  • Colds, Flu & Infections: Integrative Medicine can help
  • Depression and Integrative Medicine Solutions
  • Chakras and Healing: from the DanTien to the Crown

…and More Added regularly!

Let me help you heal

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